Redescription of two species of Neanthes (Polychaeta: Nereididae) possessing a large notopodial prechaetal lobe

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:T. Bakken
Journal:Scientia Marina

Phylogenetic analyses of “nereidids with paragnaths” indicated that species currently assigned to Neanthes sensu lato possessing a notopodial prechaetal lobe as large as the notopodial dorsal and ventral ligules were grouped in a separate clade with uncertain relationships to nominal Neanthes taxa. Further studies of these species are required to test this theory. Literature studies and examination of material alike prove that redescriptions of several species are needed until phylogenetic analyses can be undertaken. To meet this goal material from two species is included here for redescription, being necessary to reveal as many details as possible for a forthcoming phylogenetic analysis. Neanthes bongcoi Pillai, 1965 was originally described from the Philippines and is redescribed based on a quantity of specimens. It is here reported to be common in northern Australian waters. Neanthes meggitti Monro, 1931 is redescribed based on type material and a lectotype is designated for N. meggitti. Both N. bongcoi and N. meggitti are characterised by presence of a notopodial lobe as large as dorsal and ventral notopodial ligules in anterior chaetigers. Relevance to similar characteristics in related species is discussed.

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