Phylogeny of nereidids (Polychaeta, Nereididae) with paragnaths

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:T. Bakken, Wilson R. S.
Journal:Zoologica Scripta

A phylogenetic analysis was conducted of the Nereidinae — those members of the Nereididae (Polychaeta) with pharyngeal paragnaths. We had two objectives: to test the monophyly of currently accepted genera, subgenera and informal subgeneric groupings within the Nereidinae, and, if warranted, to propose a more natural classi.cation of the Nereidinae. Parsimony analyses were undertaken, including 52 terminal taxa from all genera and informal groupings from the large heterogeneous genera Nereis , Ceratonereis , Neanthes and Perinereis . Analyses of a character set of 52 informative characters yielded more than 10 000 equally parsimonious trees with a length of 176 steps (consistency index [CI] = 0.34, retention index [RI] = 0.66). Reweighting three times resulted in 445 most parsimonious trees with length 54.62 (CI = 0.59

Taxonomic name: 
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