The genus Perinereis (Polychaeta: Nereididae) from Mexican littoral waters, including the description of three new species and the redescriptions of P. anderssoni and P. elenacasoae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:J. A. De León-González, Sol{\'ıs-Weiss V.
Journal:Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Keywords:fig’d ...Polychaeta Annelida Annelids Invertebrates, fig’d Perinereis cariboea (Polychaeta) Sp nov Mexico (marine) Quintana Roo Ascencion Bay Punta Pajaros P. 677, fig’d Perinereis elenacasoae Rioja 1947 (Polychaeta) Neotype designated P. 681 Redescription P. 680 Perinereis osoriotafalli (Polychaeta) Sp nov Mexico (marine) Sinaloa Topolobampo Los Patos Island P. 687, Systematics Nomenclature New taxa Type material Description Taxonomy Key Marine zones Atlantic Ocean North Atlantic North west Atlantic Pacific Ocean Perinereis (Polychaeta) Gulf of Mexico North Pacific Mexico Systematics Perinereis elenacasoae (Polychae

Eight species of the genus Perinereis were found in Mexican waters (Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean). Of these, three species are newly described: one for the Caribbean (P. cariboea) and two for the Mexican Pacific (P. bajacalifornica and P. osoriotafalli). Perinereis anderssoni is redescribed based on type material collected in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The previous records of this species from Mexico are referred to P. elenacasoae. A neotype is designated for P. elenacasoae, since the type material is lost, and the species is redescribed based on the neotype.

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