Errant polychaete crypto fauna excluding syllidae and nereidae from rims of similar inter tidal vermetid reefs on the mediterranean coast of israel and in the gulf of elat

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1976
Authors:M. N. Ben-Eliahu
Journal:Israel Journal of Zoology

The Errantia were from 2 similar habitats in the Gulf of Elat Aqaba and the Mediterranean coast of Israel. These were porous reefs of aggregated Dendropoma spp. tubes encrusted on the seaward margins of intertidal platforms. The 2 most abundant families, Syllidae and Nereidae, are treated in separate papers. Eleven comparatively rare families remain. Six are from the Mediterranean: Amphinomidae, Phyllodocidae, Eunicidae, Lumbrineridae, Arabellidae and Dorvilleidae, with 12 spp. in all, of which 3 are identified tentatively and 1 is identified only to genus. Excepting Amphinomidae and Dorvilleidae, these families are also present in the Gulf of Elat, with 5 additional families: Polynoidae, Chrysopetalidae, Euphrosinidae, Pilargidae and Glyceridae, making a total of 9 families and 15 spp. 2 of which are identified tentatively and 1 is identified only to genus. Two species are new records for the eastern Mediterranean: Phyllodoce longifrons Ben-Eliahu and Arabella geniculata (Claparède). Six species are new records from the Gulf of Elat, all with previous records from the Red Sea: Paleanotus cf. chrysolepis Schmarda, Bhawania goodei Webster, Euphrosine foliosa Milne-Edwards, Phyllodoce malmgreni Gravier, Synelmis albini (Langerhans) and Eunice afra punctata Peters.

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