Prionospio and Paraprionospio (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from southern Australia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:R. S. Wilson
Journal:Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria
Pagination:243 - 274
Date Published:1990///

Eight new species of Prionospio are described from southern Australia: P. coorilla, P. kirrae, P. kulin, P. nirripa, P. pilkena, P. tatura, P. wambiri and P. yuriel. Prionospio steenstrupi Malmgren is removed from the Australian fauna and P. dubia Day is recorded from Australia for the first time. A key is provided to all species of Prionospio known from southern Australia. The type species of Paraprionospio Caullery, P. pinnata (Ehlers) is redescribed from the type material and a lectotype designated. All Australian records of Paraprionospio pinnata are referred to a new species, P. coora. The distribution of species of the Prionospio complex in south-eastern Australia is discussed and a distinct fauna is shown to be present on the continental shelf.

Short Title:Mem. Mus. Vic.
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