Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:G. W. Rouse, Pleijel F.
Number of Pages:354
Publisher:Oxford University Press
City:New York
Taxonomic name: 
Neanthes (Taxonomy), Abderos (Taxonomy), Acoetes (Taxonomy), Adercodon (Taxonomy), Alkmaria (Taxonomy), Amage (Taxonomy), Ampharana (Taxonomy), Ampharete (Taxonomy), Amphicteis dalmatica (Taxonomy), Amphicteis (Taxonomy), Amphicteis philippinarum (Taxonomy), Amphipolydora (Taxonomy), Amphisamytha (Taxonomy), Amythas (Taxonomy), Amythasides (Taxonomy), Andamanella (Taxonomy), Anobothrus (Taxonomy), Aonidella cirrobranchiata (Taxonomy), Aonidella dayi (Taxonomy), Aonidella insolita (Taxonomy), Aonidella (Taxonomy), Aonides (Taxonomy), Aonides oxycephala (Taxonomy), Aonides selvagensis (Taxonomy), Aonides trifidus (Taxonomy), Atherospio (Taxonomy), Auchenoplax (Taxonomy), Auchenoplax mesos (Taxonomy), Aurospio (Taxonomy), Aurospio pilkena (Taxonomy), Australospio (Taxonomy), Australospio trifida (Taxonomy), Boccardia acus (Taxonomy), Boccardia androgyna (Taxonomy), Boccardia (Taxonomy), Boccardia chilensis (Taxonomy), Boccardia fleckera (Taxonomy), Boccardia knoxi (Taxonomy), Boccardia lamellata (Taxonomy), Boccardia magniovata (Taxonomy), Boccardia natrix (Taxonomy), Boccardia otakouica (Taxonomy), Boccardia polybranchia (Taxonomy), Boccardia proboscidea (Taxonomy), Boccardia sp. MoV 3832 (Taxonomy), Boccardia syrtis (Taxonomy), Boccardia wellingtonensis (Taxonomy), Boccardiella bihamata (Taxonomy), Boccardiella (Taxonomy), Boccardiella limnicola (Taxonomy), Boccardiella sp MoV 383 (Taxonomy), Boccardiella sp MoV 3840 (Taxonomy), Carazziella (Taxonomy), Carazziella hirsutiseta (Taxonomy), Carazziella hymenobranchiata (Taxonomy), Carazziella phillipensis (Taxonomy), Carazziella proberti (Taxonomy), Carazziella quadricirrata (Taxonomy), Carazziella victoriensis (Taxonomy), Ceratocephale (Taxonomy), Decemunciger (Taxonomy), Dipolydora aciculata (Taxonomy), Dipolydora armata (Taxonomy), Dipolydora cf. ciliata (Taxonomy), Dipolydora cf. pilocollaris (Taxonomy), Dipolydora flava (Taxonomy), Dipolydora giardi (Taxonomy), Dipolydora notialis (Taxonomy), Dipolydora paracaulleryi (Taxonomy), Dipolydora pilocollaris (Taxonomy), Dipolydora protuberata (Taxonomy), Dipolydora socialis (Taxonomy), Dipolydora sp. MoV 3833 (Taxonomy), Dipolydora sp. MoV 3834 (Taxonomy), Dipolydora sp. MoV 3835 (Taxonomy), Dipolydora sp. MoV 3836 (Taxonomy), Dipolydora sp. MoV 3837 (Taxonomy), Dipolydora tentaculata (Taxonomy), Dipolydora (Taxonomy), Dispio glabrilamellata (Taxonomy), Dispio (Taxonomy), Dispio sp MoV 6475 (Taxonomy), Dispio uncinata (Taxonomy), Ecamphicteis (Taxonomy), Eclysippe (Taxonomy), Egamella (Taxonomy), Endecamera (Taxonomy), Euarche (Taxonomy), Eupanthalis (Taxonomy), Eupolyodontes (Taxonomy), Eusamythella (Taxonomy), Glandulospio (Taxonomy), Glandulospio orestes (Taxonomy), Glyphanostomum (Taxonomy), Glyphochaeta (Taxonomy), Grassleia (Taxonomy), Grubianella (Taxonomy), Hypania (Taxonomy), Hypaniola (Taxonomy), Isolda (Taxonomy), Isolda pulchella (Taxonomy), Jugamphicteis (Taxonomy), Laonice antarcticae (Taxonomy), Laonice antipoda (Taxonomy), Laonice aperata (Taxonomy), Laonice appelloefi (Taxonomy), Laonice asaccata (Taxonomy), Laonice bassensis (Taxonomy), Laonice blakei (Taxonomy), Laonice branchiata (Taxonomy), Laonice brevicornis (Taxonomy), Laonice brevicristata (Taxonomy), Laonice cf. quadridentata (Taxonomy), Laonice cf. weddellia (Taxonomy), Laonice cirrata (Taxonomy), Laonice dayianum (Taxonomy), Laonice foliata (Taxonomy), Laonice hermaphroditica (Taxonomy), Laonice japonica (Taxonomy), Laonice junoyi (Taxonomy), Laonice lemniscata (Taxonomy), Laonice magnacristata (Taxonomy), Laonice (Taxonomy), Laonice norgensis (Taxonomy), Laonice nuchala (Taxonomy), Laonice papillibranchiae (Taxonomy), Laonice parvabranchiata (Taxonomy), Laonice pectinata (Taxonomy), Laonice petersenae (Taxonomy), Laonice pinnulata (Taxonomy), Laonice quadridentata (Taxonomy), Laonice rossica (Taxonomy), Laonice sacculata (Taxonomy), Laonice sarsi (Taxonomy), Laonice shamrockensis (Taxonomy), Laonice sinica (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 5772 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 5773 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 6352 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 6418 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 6477 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 6528 (Taxonomy), Laonice sp. MoV 6531 (Taxonomy), Laonice weddellia (Taxonomy), Laubieriellus (Taxonomy), Laubieriellus sp MoV 5785 (Taxonomy), Lindaspio (Taxonomy), Lysippe (Taxonomy), Malacoceros divisus (Taxonomy), Malacoceros indicus (Taxonomy), Malacoceros jirkovi (Taxonomy), Malacoceros (Taxonomy), Malacoceros reductus (Taxonomy), Malacoceros tripartitus (Taxonomy), Marenzelleria (Taxonomy), Melinantipoda (Taxonomy), Melinna (Taxonomy), Melinnampharete (Taxonomy), Melinnata (Taxonomy), Melinnoides (Taxonomy), Melinnopsides (Taxonomy), Melinnopsis (Taxonomy), Mexamage (Taxonomy), Microspio atlantica (Taxonomy), Microspio elegantula (Taxonomy), Microspio granulata (Taxonomy), Microspio hartmanae (Taxonomy), Microspio kussakini (Taxonomy), Microspio maori (Taxonomy), Microspio mecznikowianus (Taxonomy), Microspio (Taxonomy), Microspio microcera (Taxonomy), Microspio minuta (Taxonomy), Microspio moorei (Taxonomy), Microspio multidentata (Taxonomy), Microspio occipitalis (Taxonomy), Microspio paradoxa (Taxonomy), Microspio pigmentata (Taxonomy), Microspio profunda (Taxonomy), Microspio rolasiana (Taxonomy), Microspio sp MoV 6473 (Taxonomy), Microspio sp MoV 6474 (Taxonomy), Microspio tetrabranchia (Taxonomy), Mooresamytha (Taxonomy), Moyanus (Taxonomy), Neopaiwa (Taxonomy), Neopanthalis (Taxonomy), Neopolyodontes (Taxonomy), Neosabellides australiensis (Taxonomy), Neosabellides (Taxonomy), Neosamytha (Taxonomy), Noanelia (Taxonomy), Orthoprionospio (Taxonomy), Orthoprionospio cirriformia (Taxonomy), Pabits (Taxonomy), Paiwa (Taxonomy), Panthalis (Taxonomy), Paralysippe (Taxonomy), Paramage (Taxonomy), Paramphicteis (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio africana (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio alata (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio coora (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio cordifolia (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio inaequibranchia (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio lamellibranchia (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio oceanensis (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio patiens (Taxonomy), Paraprionospio pinnata (Taxonomy), Pavelius (Taxonomy), Phyllampharete (Taxonomy), Phyllamphicteis (Taxonomy), Phyllamphicteis foliata (Taxonomy), Phyllocomus (Taxonomy), Polydora aura (Taxonomy), Polydora (Taxonomy), Polydora cf. ligni (Taxonomy), Polydora cornuta (Taxonomy), Polydora haswelli (Taxonomy), Polydora hoplura (Taxonomy), Polydora latispinosa (Taxonomy), Polydora sp MoV 3841 (Taxonomy), Polydora uncinata (Taxonomy), Polydora websteri (Taxonomy), Polydora woodwicki (Taxonomy), Polydorella (Taxonomy), Polydorella prolifera (Taxonomy), Polydorella stolonifera (Taxonomy), Polyodontes (Taxonomy), Polyodontes atromarginatus (Taxonomy), Polyodontes australiensis (Taxonomy), Prionospio aucklandica (Taxonomy), Prionospio australiensis (Taxonomy), Prionospio convexa (Taxonomy), Prionospio coorilla (Taxonomy), Prionospio depauperata (Taxonomy), Prionospio dubia (Taxonomy), Prionospio ehlersi (Taxonomy), Prionospio elegantula (Taxonomy), Prionospio elongata (Taxonomy), Prionospio fallax (Taxonomy), Prionospio grossa (Taxonomy), Prionospio japonicus (Taxonomy), Prionospio kirrae (Taxonomy), Prionospio kulin (Taxonomy), Prionospio lanceolata (Taxonomy), Prionospio lineata (Taxonomy), Prionospio (Taxonomy), Prionospio membranacea (Taxonomy), Prionospio multicristata (Taxonomy), Prionospio multipinnulata (Taxonomy), Prionospio nirripa (Taxonomy), Prionospio paradisea (Taxonomy), Prionospio paucipinnulata (Taxonomy), Prionospio pulchra (Taxonomy), Prionospio pyramidalis (Taxonomy), Prionospio queenslandica (Taxonomy), Prionospio sexoculata (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 1470 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5774 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5775 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5776 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5777 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5778 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5779 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5780 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5781 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5782 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5783 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5784 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 5786 (Taxonomy), Prionospio sp MoV 6476 (Taxonomy), Prionospio tatura (Taxonomy), Prionospio thalanji (Taxonomy), Prionospio tridentata (Taxonomy), Prionospio variegata (Taxonomy), Prionospio wambiri (Taxonomy), Prionospio yuriel (Taxonomy), Pseudampharete (Taxonomy), Pseudatherospio (Taxonomy), Pseudoamphicteis (Taxonomy), Pseudoamphicteis papillosa (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora antennata (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora glandulosa (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora kempi (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora sp MoV 1472 (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora sp MoV 3838 (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora sp MoV 387 (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora sp. 1 (Taxonomy), Pseudopolydora sp. 2 (Taxonomy), Pterolysippe (Taxonomy), Pygospio (Taxonomy), Pygospiopsis (Taxonomy), Rhynchospio australiana (Taxonomy), Rhynchospio glycera (Taxonomy), Rhynchospio (Taxonomy), Rhynchospio sp MoV 380 (Taxonomy), Samytha (Taxonomy), Samythella (Taxonomy), Samythopsis (Taxonomy), Scolecolepides (Taxonomy), Scolecolepides aciculatus (Taxonomy), Scolecolepides benhami (Taxonomy), Scolecolepides freemani (Taxonomy), Scolelepis balihaiensis (Taxonomy), Scolelepis bifida (Taxonomy), Scolelepis (Taxonomy), Scolelepis blakei (Taxonomy), Scolelepis carunculata (Taxonomy), Scolelepis denmarkensis (Taxonomy), Scolelepis edmondsi (Taxonomy), Scolelepis hutchingsae (Taxonomy), Scolelepis kudenovi (Taxonomy), Scolelepis lamellicincta (Taxonomy), Scolelepis occipitalis (Taxonomy), Scolelepis phyllobranchia (Taxonomy), Scolelepis precirriseta (Taxonomy), Scolelepis towra (Taxonomy), Scolelepis vexillatus (Taxonomy), Scolelepis victoriensis (Taxonomy), Scolelepis viridis (Taxonomy), Sosane (Taxonomy), Spio aequalis (Taxonomy), Spio (Taxonomy), Spio mesnili (Taxonomy), Spio pacifica (Taxonomy), Spio readi (Taxonomy), Spio singularis (Taxonomy), Spio sp. MoV 6479 (Taxonomy), Spio tridentata (Taxonomy), Spiogalea (Taxonomy), Spiogalea vieitezi (Taxonomy), Spionidae sp. MoV 6478 (Taxonomy), Spiophanella (Taxonomy), Spiophanella pallida (Taxonomy), Spiophanes dubitalis (Taxonomy), Spiophanes (Taxonomy), Spiophanes japonicum (Taxonomy), Spiophanes modestus (Taxonomy), Spiophanes pisinnus (Taxonomy), Spiophanes prestigium (Taxonomy), Spiophanes sp. A (Taxonomy), Spiophanes sp. MoV 6498 (Taxonomy), Spiophanes sp. MoV 6499 (Taxonomy), Spiophanes viriosus (Taxonomy), Spiophanes wigleyi (Taxonomy), Streblospio (Taxonomy), Tanseimaruana (Taxonomy), Tripolydora (Taxonomy), Weddellia (Taxonomy), Xandaros (Taxonomy), Ymerana (Taxonomy), Zachsiella (Taxonomy), Zatsepinia (Taxonomy)
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